Why It Is Never Too Late to Make Money

Anyone can start a small business and make money as an entrepreneur no matter how old they are. So long as physical abilities are not severely limiting, making money is a step-by-step process irrespective of your age. Life is what you make of it and life is a just employer. You get only what you deserve and nothing more nothing less. If you did not make money when you were younger, you can not simply give up now on account of old age. Anybody can make money no matter how old they have become. Even though I admit that old age in itself is highly limiting, the limitations are by no means sufficient to discourage anyone from making money. All that is required is simply a shift in focus by first believing that you too can start something. Something that is capable of making money for you.
Nothing happens in this world unless something made it happen. For every cause therefore, there is an equal and corresponding effect. With this in mind, you can start to make things happen instead of waiting for things to happen. If you want more from life, you must be prepared to give more to life, your age not withstanding. Money is not made by physical exertions alone even though I concede that age places considerable limits on physical abilities. I know many people who have taken up new vocations after retirement from active service and many are still making money. Getting busy and making money is not only beneficial financially, it is also highly beneficial health wise. Our society currently actively encourages senior citizens to simply sit around daily waiting for when death will take them away. My heart sinks anytime I come across senior citizens pining away the remaining parts of their lives with many living with regrets. That is the main reason why I believe that we must all make conscious efforts to change our attitudes towards life and living.
Age is in the mind. When you think it is too late to start making money, that is when it is too late. It is all a mind and attitude thing. By staying active and busy, your mind is alert and you can therefore avoid apathy and inactivity that old age brings about. No matter how long you have survived by living on the fringes, you can change course at any time in your life by saying enough is enough. You can then start to think of those things that will keep you busy and make money for you too. You can do very many things compatible with your age and physical abilities to make money. That is the key.
Let me remind you that there is no such thing as too late when you are still alive. That you are alive is sufficient proof that you are still useful provided you apply yourself adequately. That to my mind is enough reason for you to show gratitude by still remaining "in service" to help yourself and humanity. What is wrong if that "service" is an economic venture that is both beneficial to you and the society? Think about that some more and you will get to appreciate why you should make efforts to keep busy no matter your age.
Anybody can make money and that includes you old Joe. It is simply a matter of choosing what suits you and your abilities no matter how modest a scale you can afford. That is all it takes to remain useful well into your old age. When after now you hear someone tell you it is too late to make money, tell them to think again because you now know that it is never too late when you are still alive.


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