The Truth About Success And How To Succeed

The funny thing about success is when you're trying to obtain it; people are supportive and say you can do anything. Then often once you attain success, those same people who once supported you, now call it luck. Have you ever experienced that? I sure have! I have people say all the time, "Look at your success, you're just so lucky!"
This way of thinking actually boggles my mind. It seems like saying someones success is "luck", minimizes the fact that they worked their ass off to earn what they have. But, I suppose saying it's "luck", makes the person saying it feel like their own success is something 'out of their control' and probably makes them feel better about the lack of success they have had. Well, this is something I just don't believe. I truly believe that if you live by a few great life rules, that success is soon to follow.
My 5 Life Rules for Success:
1. Be Grateful - This is the easiest and yet hardest of all my rules. If you live in a state of gratitude, true gratitude where you are truly thankful for everything in your life... from waking up in the morning, to the roof over your head, to the people by your side, you will create success. But if you focus on everything you don't have and aren't grateful for what you do have, no matter how little or how great, you just won't ever get more in your life. Think of it like having a friend or family member that you give something to and doesn't show gratitude, instead they show entitlement. Does that make you want to give them more or less?
2. Be Honest About What Your Want - So many people truly don't know what they want. They're too worried about what society believes they should have. Maybe you're keeping up with the Jones's or working a 9-5 job with a good 401K because you "think this is what you should be doing". Sit down and truly figure out what you want in life, what will make you happy. You have to know what you want before you can have it!
3. Learn From Your Mistakes - Do you find yourself having the same experiences with different people? Maybe you keep getting fired from your job, maybe your friends don't want to call you back, or maybe you keep finding yourself under more and more credit card debt. The definition of Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. So if you keep getting the same result, ask yourself what you can change or do differently to change the outcome next time. Always look for your part in ANY problem you have, I promise you ALWAYS have a part in it!
4. Listen to Your Heart
You know when you get a good feeling... like a real good feeling in your tummy when you just know that something is right? Listen to it. And, conversely, when you get that bad feeling that something is not right, listen to that too. Get out of your head and listen to your heart!
5. Take Measurable Actions Toward Your Goals DAILY
So, you know what you want. Great! Now, how do you plan to get it? It's crazy how so many people have dreams but never take any action, then wonder why they aren't reaching their goals. It's the same as anything else in your life; your dishes don't do themselves, your clothes don't clean themselves and you wouldn't expect them to. So, how can a goal get accomplished on its own? Don't just Dream... DO! Take action. You want to start a new business, take action. You want to get in shape, take action. You want to live in Europe, take action!


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