Stop Feeling Worthless!

Everyone has occasional moments when they feel low or even worthless. But when this becomes your default mode, it's time to take action. Otherwise you run the risk of falling into a downward spiral where you feel more and more worthless. Which just won't do you any favors. Try out these tips to help you stop feeling worthless.
1. Find your purpose in life
We're all here for a purpose. We may not have much of a clue about precisely what that purpose is, especially if you get onto the higher level stuff like why the universe exists in the first place, but we can take steps to investigate what it could be.
Start by figuring out what it is that you feel comfortable doing. Because if doing an activity makes your skin crawl, it's almost certainly not what you were put on this planet to do.
Don't be worried if you only get a sense or gut feeling about this - that's perfectly normal.
When you find something you actually enjoy doing, you've found at least one of your purposes in life and you'll find that your sense of self worth increases as you pursue that idea.
2. Tap away those negative thoughts
The Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT for short) works with acupressure points. You can find tutorials online at places like YouTube, which has the advantage of showing you someone actually going through the process to help build your confidence that you're doing it right.
EFT is very gentle and you simply lightly tap at the various points with your finger whilst saying various things to allow your worthless negative feelings to melt away.
You don't have to get EFT a hundred percent right - it's designed to work even if you mess things up to an extent. Which makes it a brilliant way to help you get rid of your feelings or worthlessness.
3. Turn your negative thoughts upside down
Most people's thoughts about their worthlessness turn in a toxic direction.
You may not be able to get rid of your negative thoughts immediately - very few people can actually manage that - but you can certainly catch them before they have the chance to fester and grow.
When you catch a negative thought, take a bit of time to flip it onto its other side - exactly the same way as you'd flip a burger. This leaves a fresher side of the thought for you to play around with.
Feel free to wreak havoc on the negative thought. After all, that's what it's been doing to you. Stretch it, question it, bombard it with happy energy and smiles. Whatever it takes to twist it around from draining you to at least being neutral and ideally for it to contribute to your health and well being.
Don't worry if these suggestions don't come completely naturally at first. You'd be superhuman if that was the case.
Instead, chip away at the edges of your feelings of worthlessness and let yourself enjoy things every now and then.
Get more help to stop feeling worthless and find out how you can build up your self confidence.


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