Pros and Cons of Time Management

Let's make this brief. I'm sure you wouldn't come here if you didn't have issues with time in general. Most of us have not enough - so it seems.
I'll show you three reasons why you should improve your time management and three reasons why you shouldn't even think about time management at all.
The pros of time management
1. You have more time
Yes, that's right. By managing your time, making use of prioritization techniques and learning to be more productive you'll be able to add time to your day. You'll still have 24 hours like the rest of us, but you'll have more hours to fill with what you think is good for you.
2. You take control over your life
Our modern lives are time-dependent. For example: being late is a sign of weakness. Being on time means that you're in control of your life. And you can prove that you're capable of controlling yourself (and thus lead others who can't) by making use of time management techniques.
3. You will be free*
Once you take control over your time you're free to do with it whatever you like. By prioritizing you'll be able to achieve more in less time. You'll have more free time. You can go fishing instead of working late for example. True freedom is when you can choose not only between two things but between all things!
The cons of time management
1. Time management is hard to learn
It takes time to become a master of time management. In the first months you'll most likely struggle pretty often because you're used to procrastinate. You'll have to learn it the hard way if you've never tried to do it before. One might argue that's it's inefficient to concentrate on time management when it takes even more time to learn all about it and act upon what you learned. It's a tough decision.
2. You will be less flexible
By prioritizing you'll lose your flexibility. Example: changing tasks on impulse is not possible because it would interfere with your meticulously planned day. Many people who utilize the methods of time management get lost in it completely and become rigid, boring and oftentimes unhappy. Sometimes acting spontaneously is not only the best thing but also the only right thing to do.
3. You will be free*
Without worrying about your calendar, your time tables and your meetings you're indeed a free individual. The problem is that most people don't want you to be free (because they're not free). Doing business, climbing the career ladder and socializing is very difficult without adhering to certain times, dates and appointments.
As a side note:
*The pros and cons of time management are a subject of your personal point of view. Some argue that you'll be free by utilizing time in your favor, others say that you'll be free only if you stop caring about time in general.
It's up to you if time management is good for you and your goals. But if you ask me I'd always prefer the little extra of control of my life by managing the 24 hours I have in the most efficient way possible!


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