How to Prosper - Wealth Tips

What does being prosperous or financially successful mean to you? To me, this means having the abundance in mind,body, spirit and finances to feel secure, live joyfully and contribute to places, causes and ideas that spiritually fulfill me. There are 6 kinds of energy that we focus on as human beings; the energy of relationships, the energy of creativity, the energy of enjoyment and play, physical vitality, the energy of time, and the energy of money.
The following tips will help you get clear about your relationship with money. Get to know what your mental equivalence is. This means what do you believe you are worth with regards to money. Do you experience money leaking in your life? Does it slip through your fingers like water? Create a new prototype, a new mental equivalence of your worthiness. If you believe consciously or unconsciously that you are only worth so much that is the amount you will attract in your life. To create a powerful relationship with money, get clear on what you're limiting belief are and be aware of when you are constricting the flow of abundance.
Set your life intentions. This is your purpose and direction that gives your life meaning and passion. It is important to be clear about your life intentions. This creates an inner tension that will give you a feeling of stability and remains with you no matter what is going on in your life. It is your foundation to build your life upon. This is a starting point for creating a vision for your life.
Create achievable goals that you follow through on consistently with clarity, ease and grace. Set yourself up to succeed by taking sweet steps of achievement each and everyday. This builds your self-confidence and self-esteem. You will feel empowered and this reinforces your focus and commitment.
Become more interested in taking action than listening to your monkey mind chatter. Your mind chatter is your internal saboteur. What you focus on expands. Every person successful or unsuccessful has mind chatter. The difference between people who are successful vs.people who aren't is that people, who are successful, don't buy into the mind chatter. Successful people choose to be more interested in action than fear.
Ask yourself, "Am I in the energy of consuming or am I in the energy of enjoyment and self-love?" when you are spending money. It is easy to over consume anything without really being present and conscious.
What deficits are you covering over that are living inside of you? Often we spend unconsciously and to fill up with a feeling to cover over some other uncomfortable feeling and don't know when to stop!
Is your glass half empty or half full? Be grateful for for all the abundance you do have. What you focus on expands and if your glass is always half empty then this is what you will continue to demonstrate in your life. Remember you have the power to control your money vs. giving your power away to money.


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