Happiness: A Step Away

Happiness stems from the inner feeling of peace and the calmness surrounding it. While many believe that happiness would come to them from the things that they do or the needs they fulfill, it does not truly work that way.

While little things could change your mood and make you happy, happiness comes from inside. Of course, there might be factors that activate your happiness, but some people, at the worst times, remain happy.
In the saddest moment, there is always something that can change your mood. It's not something that you can see, and only few people can feel it. It requires a lot of work in order to obtain and once obtained, you can never let it go. Just like you, everyone has trouble of his own and everybody goes through hard times.
If you identify and find the happiest man in the world and ask him the reason for his happiness, he will say that there is no reason he can name, he is just happy that way. Don't -you- mistake happiness with lack of worrisome or for the company of a nice lady or for the wealth, but all of that perishes.
Nothing truly lasts forever, because eternity is a long time. If you want to achieve happiness, then you are up for a long list of tasks that you need to do. You need to get rid of all the straight negative feelings that you encounter because of things you have done or things that were done to you and instead embrace happiness as a friend rather than a feeling; a friend whom you can count on when everything seems to go against you.
Anger will not allow you to reach for happiness. What anger does is, eventually, destructive to both your serenity and the peace surrounding you. While you are in an angry state, go back into your memories and find something that will soothe you. While your memories might all seem dark, there's that one thing that will make you feel good.
When you do well, do not expect or wait for anything in return. If there is a reason for the good feelings, then keep in mind that the reason will fade some day and you will not be able to do good again because your motivation is gone.
And remember that because you do not receive positive effects in return, you will give yourself a reason to be happy when the world frowns at you. You are the master of yourself and only you can give yourself the happiness you need to go on and smile when everything seems dim.
Your smile will turn everything around because you attract this positive energy that will bring you good things in return.
If you ever feel that you are lonely, bring your happiness out through memories and if you have no memories, imagine things that will make you happy. While imagination seems to be an anti-realistic topic, it is the reason for most inventions and the greatest invention that man has ever made is happiness.
Happiness is all around you, if you take a closer look at the world all around you.
But the negative feelings that might encounter you do not only come from you, sometimes they come from things or people around you. If you fail to do something, will you throw yourself into depression or just get back up and hope -even when all hope is lost- so you would be able to keep on going?
If you surrender to the negative feelings then you lose your ownership over your own self and in return, you might seek alternatives that will make you feel in control. But that is never the way to go.
A bit of forgiveness and humble apologetic behavior will turn the tides around. When you are rightfully do something and someone else takes the credit for it, smile and they will lose everything that they have done to steal your accomplishment.
Vengeful behavior will get you nowhere, but acceptance will bring you strength and forgiveness will make you win.
It all comes from you. You control your emotions. You are the master of yourself. If you seek happiness, then know that it does not come from anything around you but your own spirit. If you seek happiness then become happy because nothing else will make you happy no matter how good it is. It will all come to you when you smile to the world and give it a signal to smile back at you.


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