Beat By a Girl

I got a chance to see my mom who lives on Maryland which was fun because I don't get to see her often due to the fact that I live in California.
I'm a big boxing fan so their were some good fights on this weekend as well, which I watched eating some home made Baby back ribs, macaroni and cheese and baked beans. Hmm probably why I got beat by a girl today but I will get back to that in a second...
One fight in particular, which took place in Las Vegas between Sergio Martinez and Julio Caesar Chavez was was pretty much one sided with Sergio Martinez pretty much winning every round.
But in the last round Julio Casar Chavez came roaring back and almost knocked out Sergio Martinez with this huge burst of energy and punches from all angles.
The only problem was time was not on Chavez's side as time ran out and Martinez won by decision.  It left Chavez saying only if I had more time, only if I would have started fighting a little earlier.
I couldn't help but think how many people have that same story.  they get so close and then fall short.  Then they end up telling these stories about how they almost had success. Don't let that be you. This fight had me so excited that I couldn't wait to get back in the gym this morning as I always do at 7am.
Today's workout was focused on boxing so this was my chance to do what I saw the fighters doing this weekend. When I started warming up I saw this girl who I hardly recognized.  You see the last time I saw her she was at least 50 to 100 pounds heavier.
I congratulated her on her success and asked her how she did it.  Her answer was simple, I work out hard 5 days a week and I only eat half of what's on my plate. I was shocked with the simplicity of her answer and was curious to see how hard she actually worked out.
All I can tell you is that this girl, who was once over weight beat me in almost every station and workout that we did.  She was not lying when she said she worked out hard. She worked out at another level than everyone else, people were killing themselves trying to keep up with her.
This to me was undeniable proof that if you want something bad enough and you are willing to do what regular people are not willing to do you can move mountains and achieve the unthinkable.
So let's just say I'm going to be eating half of what's on my plate now a days and focus on working out at a much higher intensity because it was not fun getting dominated by a girl.
Article by Vince Reed


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