How To Stop Being Lazy

Laziness is a state when one is unwilling to put any effort to do any work. Laziness can have different reasons behind it. Some people are born lazy, unwilling to do anything in their lives. Others are addicted to stuffs like the internet and procrastination takes over. Such people just say tomorrow to important things and are busy doing nothing on the internet. Sites like Facebook are known to encourage procrastination. They just make people lazy if people are not able to control their use of such sites. One may never be able to get any work done if they carry on being lazy. So, laziness is harmful for us and removing the unwillingness to do anything would make people productive to a new level.
So the question is: "How does one stop being so lazy?" There is no define answer to this but there are several techniques which can be used to reduce the laziness off a person. Those methods are:
Goal Setting
A person can be focused on what is to be achieved if a person sets goals. A person can literally write down their goals in life and the methods to achieve those goals. This helps the person to be focused and keep laziness out of the way. Goal setting does not only mean setting such life goals. One can even set their daily, weekly, monthly goals and activities. For example one can write down things to do for the whole day and actually do those things one by one. But just writing down the things to do will not ensure that those things are done. Dedication is required which helps a person to follow the activities planned for a period. To be dedicated toward goals, one should be a person who "lives up to their words".
Sometimes while listing out the activities to do, there might be a huge number of activities which a person has thought of achieving and all of those activities individually take up a long time. A person must learn to break down such activities, get help when possible and do whatever it takes to complete those. Inspiration can be gathered with the help of great quotes and also by looking up to great personalities.
Time Management
Time management is also crucial to win over laziness. When you have a schedule for what to do and when to do it, chances are high that you actually might end up doing it. Time should be separated for recreational activities as well as serious work related activities. Recreation is very important but a lot of recreation will result in missing out important work. So separating time for such important work in odd hours is not the right choice. Do those first, take rests in between and complete them and take the final break. Managing time would also require you to separate time for different work. Spending a large amount of time for a single activity and then leaving out very little for others would not bear any fruit at all. Time should be used wisely and having a daily schedule written or mentally set should be adequate.
Self-Reflection and Realization
Evaluating yourself is also an important thing to do. For example you can evaluate yourselves on things like what you have done in a time frame that is gearing you towards your future goals. If you find out that you have done nothing significant or things of very low significance then you are doing it wrong. You should realize such things yourselves. Others telling you to stop being lazy and you realizing it yourself have a gigantic difference. So learn to moderate yourselves.
It should also be understood that ones you really realize that you are procrastinating a lot, it is never too late to change your behavior and reach your goals finally. All you have to do is honor your own words and keep it honored for ever. People tend to set goals, break those goals into activities and follow the plan for a few days, and then return to the same old procrastinating lifestyle again. This should be avoided at all costs as it destroys everything.
Hence, laziness can be removed with a bit of effort and planning. Your inner self must realize this, make plans to remove such laziness and put in all the effort to make sure that the plans are followed forever.
I have explained about getting over laziness and beating procrastination. But work always means a dull mind. Recreation is also important for us. But like this article says, do not get involved in such recreational activities for a prolonged period of time as you may develop an addiction to it.


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