Everyday Resolution!

Many people fall in the habit of making new goals and resolutions every year. While this may sounds all good and beneficial one must realize that waiting so long just to make new goals can be a disadvantage towards your success. Making goals and resolution should be a daily or weekly chore. The more often you make goals the more proactive you become. Every new year many people set forth a resolution to do something but yet the year can go by while this goal remains incomplete. This is why it is important to set goals as often as possible. In addition to reminding yourself of these goals periodically. For example, if you look at many pro athletes that participates in sport. They constantly train on a regular basis in order to stay competitive and on top of their game. Imagine if they only trained and exercise only once a year. How competitive you think they would be than to their competition? No challenge at all! As individuals we must be the best person we can be in order to be on top of our game. And to do so we must continue to set goals consistently no matter what. Happy New Year! And may 2013 and the following years to come bring you much success and prosperity!

Anuel St Clair
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