Be Positive! Live Longer!

Each new day brings its own problems, situations, and worries that could alter our peaceful lives but not everybody has the ability to bear it. Some of us will see it as a heavy burden to carry and others will see it as an opportunity to obtain something positive out of it. The difference between these two types of persons is called positive thinking or positive attitude against an unpleasant situation!
If you feel that you are one of those persons who lack of positive thinking, the good news is that you can achieve it and master it. It’s not an easy task, but it is possible. Drop by drop.
Even though positive thinking is associated with self-control, in this article we’ll focus our attention on how to create a positive thinking and the benefits it brings about.
Positive Thinking
Our mind has been compared to a big stage where good or bad characters (thoughts) could come to be the main characters in each play. Even though, as a stage director, you prefer the good and positive characters in the scene, sometimes you’ll notice that unexpectedly bad personages will also appear capturing your attention and getting over the good ones if an immediate action is not taken. So, what could you do?
- Always remember that everything “IS” in your mind and you can control it no matter how difficult you think this is. After all, you are the stage director, aren’t you? This is not about climbing a wall o jumping over a river. This is about controlling your thoughts; the foundation of your feelings and the engine of your acts.
- Identify and write down on a paper a list of the areas of your life that you typically think in a negative way and start analyzing in which way you could approach them in a positive way. Organize that list by putting in first place the easy ones. Don’t try to change all of them in one shot or one day. This is a new habit for you. You need to adapt your mind to this new concept or way of thinking. Once you have conquered the first one on the list, you will probably be more confident about yourself to overcome the second one, and so on.
- Check your thoughts periodically. Evaluate them. If you feel that you are improving them, this is excellent! Keep going and don’t stop! But, if you feel they are still in square one, don’t give-up, don’t lower your arms, just try harder. You can do it!
- Change the way of approaching different situations.
Instead of saying “It’s too complicated,” you could say “I’ll deal with it from a different point of view.”
Instead of saying “No one bothers communicating with me,” you could say “I’ll see if I can open the channels of communications.”
As we mentioned before, this is new habit for you, so practice, practice, practice until your brain get used to it.
- Smile! Show your teeth! You surely have a beautiful smile.
- Be open to humor. Remember that a happy face is always contagious. You are helping not only yourself but also those who are around you. You never know who could be in your same situation.
- Eat healthy. Engage in physical activities. Go to bed early and get up early. These simple rules we’ll give you all the energy you need to go throughout the day with a positive mind.
- Get involved with positive people even though it means changing your social life. Don’t take the risk of having to start all over again.
Life could be compared to a boat. Sooner or later, you’ll find people around you who had fallen in the water just complaining about their life, family, work, etc. Everything looks negative and bad to them and although the line is extended so they can be saved, in their mind they are so busy still complaining that they are blinded to see the opportunity to get back to the boat. You have taken the decision to stay out of the water, so keep swimming because the boat is right there.
- Never get empty or lazy mind moments. If you do so, it could become your enemy and fuel for “bad characters”. Always keep yourself and your mind busy. Dedicate time to yourself, read good books, watch inspiring movies, talk more frequently to your love ones, and help those in need.
Benefits of Positive Thinking
Although, researchers still continues to study the benefits of positive thinking, we would like to share at least 6 of them:
- Lower levels of stress
- Lower rate of depression
- Reduced chance of heart attack
- Better and more stable physical and mental states
- Increased life span
- A big happy face!
As we said before, each new day brings its own problems, situations, and worries. Don’t pretend that life always will be bright. You’ll have grey moments and it is OK. Actually, grey moments are necessary; otherwise, how can you progress in life? How can you know that something is sweet when you don’t know how bitter tastes? How can you know that something is beautiful when you don’t know what ugly is? You always need a contrast in life, an opposition.
Start creating positive thinking habits. That’s your main goal if you want to succeed in life.
Never forget that you are unique in this world and that makes you an especial and important person in this life. No matter how hard your way through life could be, you’ll always have the potential to raise yourself above all your problems; you’ll never receive more weight than the weight you can bear.
Start today making the changes you consider necessary and it will bring you happiness and peace in your life.


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