Success versus Failure

In life everyone has a goal in mind. Some have bigger goals than others. However at the end of the day we all have something we want to accomplish or simply a hobby and passion we want to pursue. The reality is there are people who already accomplished their goals. And on the flip side of the coin you have those who are still on the journey. Some of them have either decided to give up and settle for less. While others on this path are currently making progress towards their goals and dreams. There are only two choices no in between. Either you do what it takes to reach your goal or you simply just give up and do nothing. The problem with many individual who do nothing is they expect something good to happen in their lives like win the lottery or inherit a fortune simply because they are good people. I learned from multi-millionaire entrepreneur Robert Herjavec who mentions in reality this doesn't happen. You have to get up and create your own success. Robert Herjavec grew up poor with his family. Until one day he decided enough was enough and worked towards his goal relentlessly and became the great success he is now. He is now worth $100 million dollars! Anyone can do this and became a millionaire and even a billionaire. Its about how bad you want it. Don't base your life on luck. I know people win the lottery from the time to time. Do you know the majority of lotto players go the rest of their life without ever winning at all? Do you really want base your life success on luck? Or do you want to guarantee your success? To guarantee your success you must put forth the work and effort and keep going until you make it to where you want to be.

Anuel St Clair
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