Fail It Forward

Failure is not final, use failure to learn and grow. The term to remember is “fail forward”. (John Maxwell)
Most people fear failure, because that is what we have been taught in school. Remember those red marks in your school books every time you misspelled a word and that feeling of FAILURE that would sneak in when the teacher would involve your classmates in your BIG UNFORGIVABLE FAILURE? Embarrassing right?
Have you ever thought of how scientists and some of our greatest inventors managed to get the results the did? I tell you they did and still do by learning from their “mistakes” and then try again, sometimes thousands of times before they succeed. But they keep on trying, because they know it is the only way if they want improvement. One of those who dared to fail forward was Edison, without him we might not have had light and light bulbs! We would still be living in caves if no one ever dared trying out a new idea.
Just look at a little child, when newborn it does not speak or walk for that matter, but it keeps trying, over and over again, until it finally takes its first slow steps. When the child gets the grip of things it moves really fast from there.
You and I used to do the same, but somewhere along our road we lost the courage to keep trying because we got scared of failure. "What if I fail, what if I make a fool of myself?" On and on it goes, and NOTHING happens.
I have a challenge for you, try to dare something new every day in a week, who cares if it makes someone laugh at you, either you have managed to make someone’s day, but did it really do you any harm? I guess not. So try it out, every day for one week try something new and keep trying until you succeed. Mark my word it will make you feel great.
Fail forward and enjoy every minute of it. That is what most successful people do, why not you?
Remember, the only people in this world, who never make a single mistake are the ones doing NOTHING! We were given this life and I strongly believe it is up to every single one us to make it better than it was yesterday.
Life does not happen to us, CHOOSE to make a difference!


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