Do You Grab Life by the Horns or Sit on the Sidelines?

The only things in this life you may regret are the chances you didn't take. When you see a chance to be happy, you grab it with both hands and focus on success not consequences.

Financial Freedom is just Around the Corner

The road to success or failure is up to you. If you choose success than fasten your seat belt and drive towards the goal until the destination has been reached.

Live life with no Boundaries

Don't settle for less or else your life will be filled with boundaries. Dream Big and make it come to pass!

Dream Vacation

Everyone deserves the opportunity to experience their dream vacation whenever they please. Don't let a job decide when and where you can vacation. Be your own BOSS!

Dream Home

Anyone can own a luxury home or mansion by working smarter not harder. Make money work for you so you wont have to work hard for money.

Talk Minus Action = Nothing!

Action is the special sauce to achieving anything. Everyone talks about positive thinking, which I am certainly a proponent of, however, very few people talk about positive action. Action is what separates the doers from the dreamers. Have you ever had an idea and thought, “This is a million dollar idea!” then you did nothing with it, and a year or two later you see your idea on some infomercial? What separated your idea from the person who produced the product? You guessed it. ACTION!
I love to run, but I never considered myself a runner. I didn’t have the physical stamina or the mental willpower to endure more than a thirty-minute jog. Nonetheless, I relished those 30 minutes early each morning, when the world was quiet and I was alone with my thoughts.
On the morning of April 1st, 2005, my thoughts matched the weather – gloomy. As my breath quickened during my run, I thought of Mike.
Out of the gloom came a crazy idea, a zealous, perhaps foolish, daydream. Suddenly, my mind flooded with possibilities, not obstacles. My adrenaline soared, and my legs bounded, pumping faster and faster. I ran faster and longer than ever before. As I approached Olmstead Street, my pace slowed to a walk as my thoughts continued to accelerate. My whole body shook with enthusiasm as I considered making my “dream” a reality. For a brief moment, I doubted. I wondered if this were fate’s version of an April Fools prank: Inspire an out-of-shape dreamer into running 1,200 miles, and laugh as he stumbles after mile two. No. With every step I became more certain.
I would take Mike and David to Orlando for an unforgettable vacation-movies, shopping, and excitement at the Mecca of magical thinking, Disney World. Then, I would embark on a run that would change my life forever.
As soon as I got home, I e-mailed long-distance runner Stu Mittleman and asked for his guidance. I knew that Stu ran a thousand miles in 11 days, and from San Diego to New York City. He replied to my e-mail within one day with his phone number. I called. He answered on the second ring. I explained my crazy idea.
Stu agreed to be my coach, and over the next few days he sent me a diet plan and a strict training schedule. Four months hence, I would run from Orlando to Chicago. For Mike.
I have had many crazy ideas before, what was different about this one, is that I took action right away. Tony Robbins talks about never leaving the site of goal without taking some form of action towards attaining it. This was the first step in a monumental undertaking, but without this first step, none of the following steps would have been possible.

Be Positive! Live Longer!

Each new day brings its own problems, situations, and worries that could alter our peaceful lives but not everybody has the ability to bear it. Some of us will see it as a heavy burden to carry and others will see it as an opportunity to obtain something positive out of it. The difference between these two types of persons is called positive thinking or positive attitude against an unpleasant situation!
If you feel that you are one of those persons who lack of positive thinking, the good news is that you can achieve it and master it. It’s not an easy task, but it is possible. Drop by drop.
Even though positive thinking is associated with self-control, in this article we’ll focus our attention on how to create a positive thinking and the benefits it brings about.
Positive Thinking
Our mind has been compared to a big stage where good or bad characters (thoughts) could come to be the main characters in each play. Even though, as a stage director, you prefer the good and positive characters in the scene, sometimes you’ll notice that unexpectedly bad personages will also appear capturing your attention and getting over the good ones if an immediate action is not taken. So, what could you do?
- Always remember that everything “IS” in your mind and you can control it no matter how difficult you think this is. After all, you are the stage director, aren’t you? This is not about climbing a wall o jumping over a river. This is about controlling your thoughts; the foundation of your feelings and the engine of your acts.
- Identify and write down on a paper a list of the areas of your life that you typically think in a negative way and start analyzing in which way you could approach them in a positive way. Organize that list by putting in first place the easy ones. Don’t try to change all of them in one shot or one day. This is a new habit for you. You need to adapt your mind to this new concept or way of thinking. Once you have conquered the first one on the list, you will probably be more confident about yourself to overcome the second one, and so on.
- Check your thoughts periodically. Evaluate them. If you feel that you are improving them, this is excellent! Keep going and don’t stop! But, if you feel they are still in square one, don’t give-up, don’t lower your arms, just try harder. You can do it!
- Change the way of approaching different situations.
Instead of saying “It’s too complicated,” you could say “I’ll deal with it from a different point of view.”
Instead of saying “No one bothers communicating with me,” you could say “I’ll see if I can open the channels of communications.”
As we mentioned before, this is new habit for you, so practice, practice, practice until your brain get used to it.
- Smile! Show your teeth! You surely have a beautiful smile.
- Be open to humor. Remember that a happy face is always contagious. You are helping not only yourself but also those who are around you. You never know who could be in your same situation.
- Eat healthy. Engage in physical activities. Go to bed early and get up early. These simple rules we’ll give you all the energy you need to go throughout the day with a positive mind.
- Get involved with positive people even though it means changing your social life. Don’t take the risk of having to start all over again.
Life could be compared to a boat. Sooner or later, you’ll find people around you who had fallen in the water just complaining about their life, family, work, etc. Everything looks negative and bad to them and although the line is extended so they can be saved, in their mind they are so busy still complaining that they are blinded to see the opportunity to get back to the boat. You have taken the decision to stay out of the water, so keep swimming because the boat is right there.
- Never get empty or lazy mind moments. If you do so, it could become your enemy and fuel for “bad characters”. Always keep yourself and your mind busy. Dedicate time to yourself, read good books, watch inspiring movies, talk more frequently to your love ones, and help those in need.
Benefits of Positive Thinking
Although, researchers still continues to study the benefits of positive thinking, we would like to share at least 6 of them:
- Lower levels of stress
- Lower rate of depression
- Reduced chance of heart attack
- Better and more stable physical and mental states
- Increased life span
- A big happy face!
As we said before, each new day brings its own problems, situations, and worries. Don’t pretend that life always will be bright. You’ll have grey moments and it is OK. Actually, grey moments are necessary; otherwise, how can you progress in life? How can you know that something is sweet when you don’t know how bitter tastes? How can you know that something is beautiful when you don’t know what ugly is? You always need a contrast in life, an opposition.
Start creating positive thinking habits. That’s your main goal if you want to succeed in life.
Never forget that you are unique in this world and that makes you an especial and important person in this life. No matter how hard your way through life could be, you’ll always have the potential to raise yourself above all your problems; you’ll never receive more weight than the weight you can bear.
Start today making the changes you consider necessary and it will bring you happiness and peace in your life.

You Determine Your Success

Ever heard the quote "It's Not What You Know, It's Who You Know". If so I am here to tell you that theory is false! In reality you determine your own success. This quote may apply to those who want to get into the entertainment industry such as actors, models, musicians, etc. However to become an entrepreneur requires no such support. Don't get me wrong, having connections is always a plus in any business venture but certainly not required on your journey to success. Many successful entrepreneurs started their companies themselves from the grown up and became huge success stories. Becoming a successful entrepreneur requires patience, determination and perseverance. After acquiring these attributes now you need an engine that will help navigate you towards success. For some this engine maybe a natural talent like Michael Jordan who possesses the skills to play basketball. And for others this maybe an idea like Bill Gates who created Microsoft. Lets face it, not everyone possess a natural talent that will create tremendous wealth let alone have brilliant ideas like the creators of Google. If your like me, you most likely have hobbies and passions in life you rather pursue but needed money to manage all your bills and expenses. Imagine being able to make more than enough money to support your lifestyle and manage expenses without having to give up most of your time. Most of your time should be dedicated to your love ones, hobbies, passions, etc. Not a job that barely pays you enough to get by. If your like me and didn't have any special talents or brilliant ideas but just needed a solution that will pay more than enough so you never have to worry about money again watch the video below. Learn how you can start becoming financially free!

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Happiness Will Give You Success

Happiness can mean different things to different people. And how we achieve our happiness is also a very personal thing. Sadly though, on any given day if you ask someone how they are feeling, how often do they answer that they are 'happy'. Happiness is a state of mind, but it is also a decision. Your decision. No one elses. Being happy won't happen by itself, and you can not rely on others to make it happen for you, it is one thing that is entirely up to you. And it is not always easy. Obviously we all have bad days, sad days, angry outbursts, even fear and anxiety. These are all fine, as long as they don't take over and begin to control us.
We all deserve happiness, but that does not mean it just happens. It is a decision we must make and work at. So what's so good about being happy? Well it sure beats being miserable, and it takes a lot less energy! Being sad is tiring, happiness on the other hand is exhilarating, and infectious. If you smile at someone, they will almost always smile back. If you enter a room full of people, who captures your attention first, the people with happy bright smiley faces, or the ones who frown and glare at you with angry eyes.
Happiness is also the ability to find the good in things, not just the bad. It is about thinking positively and having fun. If you have all these qualities, your life is enriched, and the people who surround you will be enriched also. Happiness is definitely the main ingredient in success. Not the other way around. People have the misconception that if they are successful they will be happy. Not true. You must be happy first, and then success will follow. If you love who you are your success is guaranteed.
Success is finding an equal balance in all aspects of your life, and everything starts with you. The choices you make and the actions you take are responsible for your happiness and your success. And most importantly, taking responsibility. When things go bad, and they do, if you blame others for your misfortunes, you are not being true to yourself. Remember, happiness is a decision, your decision. If you allow others to control those decisions, you will not find success.
So maybe you are not feeling as happy as you would like. Not a problem. Look for solutions. Find something you really like doing. Sometimes just taking some 'time out for you' is all you need. A quite drive in the country, a walk along the beach. Reading a good book. Perhaps a self-improvement course, or motivation seminar. These are a great way to meet people and learn techniques that will help you be the person you want to be.
A great way to get started on the road to a happier life is to do something new or different once a month or even once a week. It doesn't have to be anything big, but you will find that if you persist for a few months it really works.
If you want a successful life, whatever that means to you, then you must be happy. Self-esteem is vital to success, and you won't have self-esteem without happiness. Make the decision today to be happy no matter what. And on the days when you are sad or if bad things happen, allow yourself enough time to deal with it, then move on. Don't dwell on it, the past is to learn from not to live by.
My own personal journey to happiness and success came about from a very unexpected source. I joined a home based business, to earn extra income, and have ended up gaining so much more than just money. I have learnt so much about myself, what I want and how to achieve it. I have found a happiness I never knew through personal growth and my life now has direction and purpose. It is the best decision I have ever made. It could also be the best decision you ever make.

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No Limit!

Do you live your life with no limits? Or do you allow limitations to stop you in your tracks? To limit yourself is simply to restrict advancement or progress. Its all in the mind. We choose our destiny and decide how far we want proceed. Many people have this idea of an imaginary line that causes this restriction. But in reality this limit actually exist in ones mindset. Your mindset determines how far you go in life in terms of success and prosperity. For instance, many vehicles in the United States are equipped with a speed limiter which prevents the car from reaching top speeds and full power potential. However this speed limiter can be removed from the vehicle which will enable it to reach the full potential with no limits! Do you want to reach your full potential in your endeavors? If so be sure to remove all limiters in your mindset and start living life LIMITLESS!

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The Seacret Agent Lifestyle

Seacret Agents live their life with no boundaries. They can travel anywhere across the world enjoying lavish dream vacations thus experiencing the benefits of time and freedom. As a Secret Agents our mission objective is to live financially free, enjoy our passions and hobbies in life as well as helping others obtain this freedom too. Being a Seacret agent doesn't require any special skills experience or former knowledge on anything. Anyone can be a Seacret Agent. All you need is just the willingness and determination to succeed. In today's society we are living in a world where many people are modern day slaves to a job. Even though no one is force to work a job however people feel they have no choice as income is needed to pay bills and put food on the table. As a Seacret Agent we are looking to save these individuals from that mediocrity lifestyle in order to show them the Light! A path that leads to wealth! If you are seeking true financial freedom watch the video below to learn how to become a Seacret Agent. And how you can obtain real success! And if you decide you want to be a Seacret Agent or have any questions don't hesitate to contact me. Thank you

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Success versus Failure

In life everyone has a goal in mind. Some have bigger goals than others. However at the end of the day we all have something we want to accomplish or simply a hobby and passion we want to pursue. The reality is there are people who already accomplished their goals. And on the flip side of the coin you have those who are still on the journey. Some of them have either decided to give up and settle for less. While others on this path are currently making progress towards their goals and dreams. There are only two choices no in between. Either you do what it takes to reach your goal or you simply just give up and do nothing. The problem with many individual who do nothing is they expect something good to happen in their lives like win the lottery or inherit a fortune simply because they are good people. I learned from multi-millionaire entrepreneur Robert Herjavec who mentions in reality this doesn't happen. You have to get up and create your own success. Robert Herjavec grew up poor with his family. Until one day he decided enough was enough and worked towards his goal relentlessly and became the great success he is now. He is now worth $100 million dollars! Anyone can do this and became a millionaire and even a billionaire. Its about how bad you want it. Don't base your life on luck. I know people win the lottery from the time to time. Do you know the majority of lotto players go the rest of their life without ever winning at all? Do you really want base your life success on luck? Or do you want to guarantee your success? To guarantee your success you must put forth the work and effort and keep going until you make it to where you want to be.

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Seacret Business Opportunity

How many of you out there feel trap in your life? Is something holding you back from the things you always wanted to do? Goals you wanted to achieve? Do you catch yourself often saying I wish I can afford that, I wish I had more time for myself or I wish I had that lifestyle? Instead of wishing don't you believe it is time to turn these dreams into reality? Of course its always been time! From the very moment you come up with a goal or a vision you must immediately work towards achieving this. We all deserve to live life the way we desire. What is it that's holding you back?  The lack of money? A low wage paying job? Or a career that takes up too much of your time? If your looking for more income in order to afford the things you want and more time to spend with the ones you love, than you have come to the right place! I want to introduce to an amazing company called Seacret Direct where all this is possible. Visit the link below to watch a video overview which will explain this entire opportunity and how it will help you reach these goals and much more. After watching the overview if this opportunity interest you definitely contact me.

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Fail It Forward

Failure is not final, use failure to learn and grow. The term to remember is “fail forward”. (John Maxwell)
Most people fear failure, because that is what we have been taught in school. Remember those red marks in your school books every time you misspelled a word and that feeling of FAILURE that would sneak in when the teacher would involve your classmates in your BIG UNFORGIVABLE FAILURE? Embarrassing right?
Have you ever thought of how scientists and some of our greatest inventors managed to get the results the did? I tell you they did and still do by learning from their “mistakes” and then try again, sometimes thousands of times before they succeed. But they keep on trying, because they know it is the only way if they want improvement. One of those who dared to fail forward was Edison, without him we might not have had light and light bulbs! We would still be living in caves if no one ever dared trying out a new idea.
Just look at a little child, when newborn it does not speak or walk for that matter, but it keeps trying, over and over again, until it finally takes its first slow steps. When the child gets the grip of things it moves really fast from there.
You and I used to do the same, but somewhere along our road we lost the courage to keep trying because we got scared of failure. "What if I fail, what if I make a fool of myself?" On and on it goes, and NOTHING happens.
I have a challenge for you, try to dare something new every day in a week, who cares if it makes someone laugh at you, either you have managed to make someone’s day, but did it really do you any harm? I guess not. So try it out, every day for one week try something new and keep trying until you succeed. Mark my word it will make you feel great.
Fail forward and enjoy every minute of it. That is what most successful people do, why not you?
Remember, the only people in this world, who never make a single mistake are the ones doing NOTHING! We were given this life and I strongly believe it is up to every single one us to make it better than it was yesterday.
Life does not happen to us, CHOOSE to make a difference!

Stay Motivated When Life Is Against You

Life is a game of ups and downs. It’s not possible for any person to have just ups all the time. There are so many times when life gives you lemons. But you know what they say- when life gives you lemons, make lemonade. I know it’s easier said than done, but you need to stay motivated. It is easy to stay down, sad and gloomy and to drown in insecurity or self-pity, but it will lead you into giving up and performing your worst.
As I’m writing this post, I can relate to it because I’ve been there too. We all have. But in those tough moments, you show your real strength. These are the moments that tell you of your strength and determination for success. Such moments differentiate between winners and the rest of the world. If you are feeling sad and unmotivated, here are some tips to help you out.
You need to have a positive mindset. That’s the main thing. I’m sure I’m not the first person who is telling you this and I might not be the last, but I have felt a transformation in myself over the past few months and I can say for sure that changing your mindset will help you a lot.
Stop having a fear filled mindset. I know you might be feeling insecure about your future. But have a little trust in yourself and the world and your outlook towards life will change. You will feel more balanced, stronger, more confident and happier. This happy attitude will reflect in your work and personal life. Just by believing that there will be a better tomorrow, you’ll deliver yourself out of misery. Keep in mind that change has to happen. If you are sad today, it will not remain the same and things will change for better.
People around you play an important part. Are they motivating you or tearing you down? Are they affecting your mood in a positive or a negative way? No matter how strong you are, if you spend time with people who have a limited mindset, you cannot stay positive. Sooner or later you’ll start developing a negative feeling about yourself. So you must stay in the company of people who can positively affect your life. People who have achieved success have gone through failures. Such people can guide you in a better way.
Successful people will be the ones to push you to new heights. The more successful and confident people you get to socialize with, the higher chances are there for your success.
It is very important to get inspired. If you look around you, you’ll find many sources of inspiration. Attend some self-help classes, read good books, listen to podcasts, or visit seminars. Just look around and you’ll find inspiration. No matter how grave your situation is, no matter how frustrated you are- you’ll always find someone who has been in a similar situation and has coped.
Draw inspiration from such sources. Read some good books on spirituality. Your thoughts will change and help you reinforce your old self back together. Also, successful people can help you learn new things that may help you in the future. Remember, positive attitude goes a long way.
When I was in going through a rough spell in my life, it took months to recover. I was in that situation for almost a year and I had lost my ability to navigate my way forward. I had anxiety and insecurity about my future, but I knew I wanted to flourish. I knew deep inside that there will be a better future and I strived for it. If the people around you are making things worse, find other company, but do not isolate yourself from the world.
Make a few goals. Promise yourself you’ll meet an old friend on a particular date. Go out and watch a movie with friends. Form small goals that will let you live and breathe happily.
When you know exactly what you want, it is easier to achieve it. If you want to stay on the right track, make sure you know what the track is. Be persistent and keep pushing. Your situation will change, just stay positive.
Don’t be disappointed. We all have setbacks in life. There are times when absolutely nothing works and life seems to be going in the wrong direction. But having a positive mindset changes it all. Surround yourself with encouraging and successful people and stay inspired. Formulate your goals and know what you want in life. Follow all the given points and your life WILL change for sure.

Mistakes and Challenges Are Your Best Teachers

Success is a wonderful journey, but like any worthwhile long trip you will take, you will inevitably encounter a few challenges along the way. These challenges may even knock you down for a while. The secret to inviting sustainable success into your your life and business, is to spend as little time as possible licking your wounds after encountering any challenge as possible, before you pull things together and get on with your journey towards the success you have envisioned. The measure of who you really are is never found in the fact that you got knocked down in the first place, but rather how long you allow things to keep you down, before you begin taking the action necessary to get you back on your feet again.
Choose your Attitude Carefully
You have the ability to choose your attitude and level of happiness. You can either allow things to get you down, where you feel overwhelmed or you can make a far better choice, where you choose to view any challenges as merely vehicles, which are moving you closer to hidden opportunities. When something difficult happens in your life, choose to see it as something that is merely polishing you up, something which will make your life or business better. This small shift to the way you see your world, will result in massive improvements to the way you feel and will also empower you to manage any challenges which will cross your path far more effectively.
Mistakes and Challenges are your Best Teachers
Learn the art of exploring every mistake or challenge and use them as profound and powerful teachers, which will propel you to greater levels of wisdom and knowledge. When you look at challenges and mistakes and see them as learning opportunities, you have made a crucial shift, where you can find ways to always get something from every challenge or mistake. It then becomes possible to celebrate your mistakes and thereby, turn them into something positive. On the other hand, when you allow challenges or mistakes to overwhelm you, they become a negative experience, which disempowers you. You learn nothing from each experience, as you merely try to just get through each challenge or to put each mistake behind you as quickly as possible.
Commit to Learn and Grow
Challenges are opportunities to learn and grow. Never measure your performance against any challenges you are facing or have faced. Only question yourself when you keep repeating the same errors and facing the same challenges over and over again. Encountering challenges is never the measure of the level of success you can enjoy in your life or business. How you choose to learn as much as possible and respond to any challenges or mistakes, will decide how much success you will get to enjoy in the end
Make the Shift Today
What you get to experience in your outer world is an accurate reflection of how you are thinking, acting and projecting your inner world to everyone around you. If you are constantly experiencing frustrating situations and people are always treating you badly, and then have the courage to read the signals and accept that something is out of sync, with how you are respecting and treating yourself. You need to make some meaningful changes in your life. Choose to make the shift today and operate from a centered, balanced and connected place. See mistakes and challenges as learning experiences and opportunities in disguise and you will have discovered the secret to uncover your brilliance and live their excellence.
Rise to the challenge and realize that you have a unique capacity to shape your life. Search around and especially within yourself for the kind of growth, which will shape and fulfil you. This challenge may seem impossible, but the effort will most certainly be worthwhile. Remember even the highest mountain can be surmounted by building winding pathways.
Challenges are merely The Push You Need to Succeed
The challenges we face every day, are really only opportunities. These Challenges are disguised as the push, sometimes unexpected, which we often need to get us off our butts. This push forces us to take the necessary action, which will help us to improve our lives and businesses. Make the shift today and focus on the potential good in every challenge or mistake you may make, instead of wallowing in self-pity or allowing yourself to feel overwhelmed the next time you are faced with any challenges in the future.

How Are You Making A Living?

Are you an employer or an employee? Do you live from paycheck to paycheck or tending your own business? Do you want to work for yourself? Do you have what it takes to work for yourself or you want to work for somebody else all your life? What are your dreams and aspirations? How passionate are you about working for yourself? Your answers to these questions will largely determine how you make a living. I do hope you are aware that if you are determined to work for a paycheck, you may work all your life without ever escaping financial anxieties and worries. If however you have decided to think and act like an entrepreneur, you can work for yourself by tending your own business. If you stick with that long enough, chances are very good that at some point in your working career, you will overcome financial worries and anxieties. No matter how long and how well you tend somebody else’s business, you will perpetually live from paycheck to paycheck.
Everyday, all over the world, millions of people get up early, grab a quick breakfast, and leave their families and homes to go to work. Many make a mad rush through traffic as if the world in coming to an end all in a bid to get to work in time. The only thing that collectively drives these millions of people to act that way is called “work.” It is work that enables people to make a living. How you work and who you work for determines what you make out of work. So, whether in the formal or informal sector, work is the dominant activity in many people’s lives throughout the world. If you must live, work is a necessary evil. Many people do not like work but because they have to live, they work all the same. The people who work for themselves are more likely to keep on working than those who work for a paycheck. That is what makes the difference in the way both groups make a living. Those who work for paycheck work because they need the paycheck. The people who tend their own business work because they love what they do. That creates the differential in their rewards.
In making your own living, who are you working for? When you report for work daily, whose purpose are you fulfilling? If you work for someone, no matter how good you are or how high up in the business, you are dispensable. That is the major cause of anxiety in the work place. You are employed to help the business achieve its objectives. If someone else takes over your position, he or she will be required to do the same things you do in order to achieve the objectives of the business. That is why you can not afford to rest easy in your employment. However, when you tend your own business, such fears and worries do not constitute your major concerns.
When you tend your own business, with time, you become what you do. No matter how long you work for somebody else, you can not take your identity from that business.
When you mind someone else’s business, they may be achieving their objectives, but you can not. It doesn’t matter the big name you are called or how big your paycheck is. The fact is, your boss or the owner of the business will always make more money than you. I doubt if your sole purpose to making a living is to make somebody else rich and not yourself.
When you tend your own business, you work to acquire beneficial knowledge and skills faster. That way, you can always get on top of problems quicker. Major investment decisions with attendant risks can be taken more quickly without fear of reprisals if they fail to work out. There is abundant time freedom and independence when you tend your own business. What you make is in direct proportion to how well your business is doing. That way, you get richer faster than someone living from paycheck to paycheck. According to best-selling author of Rich Dad Series, Mr. Robert Kiyosaki, “the poor and middle class work for money. The rich have money work for them.” The rich tend their own business and drive it in any direction that suits their fancy. While the paycheck earner spends most of his money on consumables, the man who tends his own business invests to expand his business thereby earning more from his investments. As the business grows, he grows with it. Before too long, he may even become financially independent while the paycheck earner will be busy pleading for a bigger paycheck. No matter the size of his paycheck, a paycheck earner often manages to spend it all and a little bit more besides. That keeps him perpetually in want of a higher paycheck.
When you work for money, you gradually develop employee mentality. That makes you powerless and almost a slave to your paycheck. But when you stop minding other people’s business and start minding your own, things start to happen differently to and for you. The way you live and make a living changes as well. Same thing happens in your business and social circles. You are able to dream dreams and do things always in the direction of realizing your dreams. There lies real freedom which we all crave for.
I do hope you will not get so busy minding other people’s business that you will forget to mind your own. If you do, you will eventually get too busy making a living to the detriment of living your life as ordained by your Creator. I doubt if you can afford that.

Laugh Away Your Stress!

Have you laughed today? Did you know that globally we are laughing less than we used to in the last century? What are the benefits of laughter and how can we have more in our lives?
The International Congress of Humor reports that laughter is down in some areas up to 82% from the 1950's. In the 1950's, people laughed on the average 18 minutes a day and today the average is only between 4-6 minutes a day. We are much more serious than we used to be! Part of the reason for this may be because electronic media such as, television, computer, Internet, video, CD's, and audio equipment, has reduced our social interactions and laughter is a social activity.
In fact, laughter usually occurs in groups and some believe uncontrollable laughter only occurs in groups. Try laughing out loud when you're alone and see if it feels forced or natural. Most people would find it feels forced and a little unnatural because laughter is involuntary and almost impossible to fake.
Laughter happens more naturally in social interactions. Laughter builds relationships, creating camaraderie and lessening our sense of isolation. In groups when some are laughing and others are not, it becomes evident that people have very different senses of humor. A sense of humor is the ability to be amused and laughter is the physiological response to humor. While many believe a sense of humor cannot be taught, it can be developed by paying attention to what others find amusing.
Why would we want more laughter in our lives? As a physiological response, laughter has many health benefits. When someone laughs, all of the body systems are engaged. Laughter reduces the level of stress hormones, including cortisol, epinephrine, adrenaline, dopamine, and growth hormone, and increases the level of healthy hormones like endorphins and neurotransmitters. As a result of these physiological activities, laughter may help fight off illnesses and diseases like heart failure. After a good laugh, stress reduction occurs when overall good feelings, happiness, and deep relaxation are generated.
In addition to the health benefits, people who laugh a lot don't worry as much as those who don't laugh. A laughter break can help us gain fresh perspectives and new insights about our problems and conflicts.
Laughter, like crying, can provide an excellent physical and emotional release. Laughter can also make us feel happy and create a more positive state of mind by breaking the painful emotional grip of fear, anger, guilt, stress, and boredom.
Be a friend to yourself and enjoy the many emotional and physical benefits of laughter and humor. Lighten up and, for the greatest benefits, share a laugh with others!

Procrastination: The Enemy of Purpose

You can control your time but you can never stop the progression of time in itself. Time waits for no man. The Scriptures says there is time for everything (Ecclesiastes 3:1-8). A time to be born and a time to die. What will define your legacy is what you do in between when you were born and when you die. If you must make impact in this world then you have to be in control of your time. Can you imagine the countless numbers of 'would-have-been' composers, authors, inventors, Preachers, Presidents of nations, actors, etc but they never realized their dreams simply because they were friends with procrastination. Time is an equal opportunity employer. Each human being has exactly the same number of hours every day. Rich people can't purchase more hours. Scientists can't create new minutes. And you can't save time to spend it on another day. No matter how much time you've wasted in the past, you still have an entire tomorrow. Do you know how many would love to give up their place in the grave in exchange for a fraction of the opportunities they once had? I bet you know the answer. Procrastination is a Castrator of destinies, flee from it! Every single day that you live brings you a step closer to your end and every opportunity you lose in between may never be regained. The question you may be asking is how do I deal the deadly blow to procrastination? My answer to this question has always been:
Do it now! - Procrastination most times come in a subtle manner, it gives you a wide range of options, leaving you a false impression that you will always have the time to come back to that project but in reality it has succeeded in putting a nail on the coffin of that particular task. Don't wait. Don't keep putting things off. Do it now! Take that step. Don't give room to fear or sentiment. Don't wait until when your strength wanes. This is the right time to start and move ahead. Don't be entangle in the web of procrastination. You do not have all the time in the world. Hit the ground and do it now.
Don't Overcrowd your Schedule: when you overcrowd your schedules, there is the tendency that you may not be able to finish up your task. There is nothing wrong when you carry-over uncompleted tasks from the previous day but there is a possibility that this will degenerate into a cycle of uncompleted tasks that will spiral out of control. Unfortunately, we spend more time on the non essentials and by the time we come to the essentials we discover that we are either so stressed out or we barely have enough time to complete this. To help you have control over your schedule, you should delegate the less important responsibilities to others who can equally do the job and eliminate tasks that are altogether unnecessary.
Reduce Stress: Everyone at some point in time had been stressed. When you are stressed, it's difficult for you to focus and become productive. At this point, my advice is to stop whatever you are doing and have some time to relax. Don't make it all work and no play. Maintain a balance between your work and time for leisure. It's not how long you work that counts, it is how smart you do your tasks. Develop a healthy leisure time. When you unwind, it helps to reduce your stress level and get you up and ready to go on your next assignments. On a working day, allow block of time for work, play and rest and make sure this is balanced. This will make a difference in how much you are able to accomplish.
Be Charged up: When you are not motivated about what you are doing, then you are opening the door for procrastination to set in. Discovering your purpose helps you to live your full potential and this keeps you motivated. What is it that gives you joy and a sense of fulfillment? That could be your purpose and you will discover that you are always motivated to work in your purpose. Procrastination can easily find a companion in someone with a weak motivation. Find your purpose and you will have peace and motivation concerning what you do.
Develop the Skills required: imagine you have a task to execute but then, you do not have the skills required for the assignment. You can either decide to postpone the task to the time when you have acquired the skills needed or eliminate it altogether. When you do not have what is required for an assignment, you are tempted to procrastinate. If what you are doing is important to fulfilling your purpose, then go ahead and acquire the skills you need. There is no price too great for you to pay. Aim high. Stay on course and don't give room for procrastination to eat up your dream. God bless.

Road to Success Under Construction

In this life you have two types of people. The doers and those who procrastinate. There is no in between. Many people become procrastinators by default by simply doing nothing! They would just settle for less and stay comfortable a their dead end job. On the other hand the doers are those who stay focus on their goals and do what ever it takes to get there without ever giving up. So in summary, the road procrastinators take will always lead to a dead end. But for the doers, their road will lead to success. In the beginning the road to success will be under construction. As long as you stay focus and is willing to go through the obstacles on that road you will reach your destination. The reward at the end will be priceless!

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Positive Thinking Leads to Success

Positive Thinking Leads to Success. Positive thinking is very important to succeed in life. Individuals who start struggle with the inclination in mind that the goal is impossible cannot succeed in the achievement of their goals. Their failure is the result of their negative thinking because in this way they are half beaten in the start.

Your attitude in the start is negative therefore the problems cannot be fixed. You should ask from yourself; Are you sure it is impossible? You can make it possible with your efforts, good planning and strategies.

Most of the individuals don't want to indulge in difficult tasks because they shirk from hard work. But those who are determined and confident win every kind of situation because they believe in the dignity of struggle. They set their minds that everything is possible with constant effort and proper planning. They have positive thinking in their mind which leads them toward success. You cannot succeed in life without struggle and positive thinking.

If you have firm believe in the achievement of your goal with constant efforts then you will get it. Nothing is impossible in life if you focus on the achievement of your goal. If you think that something is impossible, refresh your mind to rethink because you can make it possible. You need to plan and make good strategies to achieve it. When you will try at your best and make strategies to solve the problem then you will feel that you are a foot away from the goal.

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Create Your Own Economy

In America the economy effects everyone and will determine how much more money you will have spend on all necessities. The difference is the economy will not break the bank of those who are wealthy. Unfortunately this is not the case for those working for Uncle Sam. Simply because the majority of jobs doesn't pay employees enough money to cover all their expenses and bills. This results in employees playing the catch up game. So before they even receive that first paycheck the total of their bill is actually greater. So in reality they are only working to pay bills. Some believe working two jobs will solve this issue but it actually makes thing worst. Because you end up sacrificing more of your precious time to make Uncle Sam richer. Giving up necessary hours of sleep and time you need to live and enjoy life to the fullest. If your an employee its time to fire Uncle Sam and be your own boss. Create your own economy by achieving real financial success. Want to know how? Visit the link below to learn how you can change your financial situation right now! For more info visit:

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Attention Network Marketers!

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Take Control of Your Life

Everyone has a goal or dream they want to accomplish. Regardless of how big or small these goals are what really matter is making it come to pass. Only thing that can hold you back from reaching these goals are obstacles. In sports athletes have many obstacles they have to overcome in order to be victorious. Many of their obstacles consist of a team or opponent. For many citizens in America this obstacle is a dead end job. The obvious reason for working a job is to receive income to pay bills and make ends meet. Unfortunately by working a job you have to trade your time for dollars. In other words for every hour of work missed you won’t get paid.  Does it sound fair to give up at least 8 hours of your life daily to work for a company that barely gives you enough income to get by? Take back control of your life NOW! If your currently stuck at one of these dead end jobs its time to eliminate this obstacle! Be your own boss and take control of your lifestyle and income. Get paid what you deserve. Instead of trading hours for dollars learn how to receive residual income on a regular basis with little effort required to maintain it. If your ready to make a change visit the site below to learn more about this program and how you can become your own boss. It is time to live life on your terms! For more info visit

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